Sunday, November 6, 2016

my bloody valentine - my bloody valentine

label: virgin france
released: 1992

this was a little something that was released over in france as a promo with an issue of a magazine called LES INROCKUPTIBLES (pretty much a french ALTERNATIVE PRESS...remember when that magazine was worth a read?)

and now when you're at a party and someone says "there's no way that madonna can be linked to my bloody valentine,bruh!" you can calmly walk over to them and smack that smug look off of their face and then slap that red cup from out of their hand while exclaiming "not only are they linked there's also some public enemy involved."

what kind of a party are you at where folks are discussing madonna and my bloody valentine?
is it just you in a room filled with mannequins?
SGM likes your style.
you come here often?
or do you wait until you get home?

1 - only shallow
2 - sugar
3 - instrumental


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