Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Javelina - Beasts Among Sheep

Label: Brutal Panda
Year: 2009

Are you in a good mood, or a wrecking ball through the back wall of your work place mood?
I only ask because your enjoyment of the enclosed Javelina record will be determined by that simple fact.
The more ruinous your state of mind, the better this will soundtrack the continual wringing of your hands at the thought of upending your boss's desk and pouncing on his neck to stomp the light out of his smug little rat eyes.
Members that graduated from destructo-rock bands Lickgoldensky, Otophobia, Endless Nightmare, The Brood, Primate, Insufferable Ingrate, and other bottom dwellers, continue bleaching their enemies in bile with unhinged metal malcontent. All yelling and gritty low end sludge crunch nastiness. Think of bands like Hail! Hornet, Black Tusk, Deadbird, Zozobra, Howl....
Some days need a strong cup of coffee, some days need a stiff bourbon, and some days need high volume fuck-yous.


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