Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Cult Values - Cult Values

Label: Deranged
Year: 2016

Working through more records that came out this year who made an impact but didn't quite crack the forthcoming Top Something of 2016 list.
Here's one out of Berlin Germany in the year 2016 that sounds vaguely like it could have come out of Orange County in the year 1983. It's got this spidery sound quality that skitters around but ultimately hammers home some high grade hardcore. Noisy hardcore. Hardcore that sounds like a T.S.O.L + Agent Orange + Husker Du love child.
But maybe you're 18 years old and you're all "thanks geezer, but I have no interest in that dusty ole bullshit". And hey, that's fine. I get "the youths". I'm hip. So, for you less grizzled folk, maybe a more contemporary touchstone would be Ceremony. The version of Ceremony that straddles the blasting hardcore and the icy goth tinged post punk.

It's good. Just leave it at that. I recommend.


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