Sunday, October 2, 2016

ringworm/brain tentacles - split

label: a389 recordings
released: 2016

this is kind of a strange pairing.

what you get here is some metalcore/punk business from the band ringworm.
they cover "poison" by the band venom.
and then there's brain tentacles.
it's made up of members of keelhaul (bassist aaron dallison) and discordance axis (drummer dave witte) and yakuza (vocalist bruce lamont providing some horn action).
they cover "innocence and wrath" by celtic frost.

it's as if converge and a not so wacky sounding fantomas did a split.
or something like that.

and in reference to brain tentacles: a one thomas "i've played bass in both rorschach and kiss it goodbye. what the fuck have you done with your life?" rusnak has been quoted as saying "i fucking love this band".
that's gotta mean something,yeah?


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