Monday, October 17, 2016

leaders of men - 1.18.11 - high noon saloon - madison,wi

some of you may remember the band the united sons of toil.
and some of you may be aware of who tyranny is tyranny.

what does any of that have to do with this?
a name.
a regal sounding name.
russell emerson hall.
vocals/guitar guy for the united sons of toil.
vocals/guitar guy for tyranny is tyranny.

mr. hall is a fan of the band joy division.
back before the united sons of toil split up in 2012 the band played under the moniker of "leaders of men" a few times.
they played joy division covers.

vocalist/guitarist russell hall was bernard sumner.
drummer jason jensen was stephen morris.
bassist bill borowski was peter hook.

they brought in one time pachinko vocalist chris vance to be ian curtis.

this is them being joy division in front of a group of people.

1 - no love lost
2 - wilderness
3 - walked in line
4 - a means to an end
5 - shadowplay
6 - the kill
7 - colony
8 - disorder
9 - new dawn fades
10 - dead souls
11 - day of the lords
12 - the ice age
13 - she's lost control
14 - sound of music
15 - interzone
16 - warsaw
17 - exercise one
18 - transmission


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