Wednesday, September 7, 2016

choke their rivers with our dead - tour demo 2002

not only is it a possible punishment for trying to steal a lemon tree from springfield but also a band that's no longer together from north carolina.

do you remember the glory days of the
i do.
and that's where i'd discovered these folks.

fun fact: once upon a time the band's vocalist (cristina) and i had written a few letters back and forth to each other. strictly as fan and musician. she sent me a mix cd. it was a good one. and then i lost it somewhere along the line. stupid dumb line.

the band split up back in '04.
cristina later went on to be a member of a few bands with names like "sonic death rabbit" and "wet mango".
as for the other folks....
they've been linked to bands with names like:
the weekenders
amish jihad
towering pyre

so if'n you're down with stuff like pageninetynine and city of caterpillar and the like....
well anything released by robotic empire back in the day really.


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