Saturday, September 10, 2016

cherubs - fist in the air

label: brutal panda records
released: 2016

"what the sonofabitch is this?".
that may be the first thing you find yourself saying at first.
i know i did.
but i decided to stick around a little longer.
and then track #2 started.
and then i just hung out.
it's still cherubs.

and some of you may know that the band played their first show 21 years last month in texas.
and some of you may have even been there.

there are 3 songs on here.
there are 2 remixes on here.

"that just doesn't add up,sir. public schooling,eh?" you say with your pinky up.

this is where i could get into some sort of rant about whether or not a remix is an actual song.
but i'm not going to.
i'm just going to stand here and look at that pinky until you put that pinky down.
now put your thumb up.
and if you know anything about the thumb you'll know that the thumb holds down my lighter.
what does that have to do with anything?
or everything.

one of the remixes is done by les savy fav microphone guy tim harrington.
that's gotta mean something to you,right?
and then there's the slice of cheese as an album cover too.


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