Friday, August 12, 2016

v/a - nasty habits: live on 88.9 wers

label: corrosive recordings
released: 2002

it's ok.
don't be afraid of some of the band names here.
just keep telling yourself:
it's only music.
it's only music.
it's only music.
it's only music.
it's only music.
i better go to the bathroom before i make another mess.

i know this isn't exactly the sort of music that shows itself around these parts.
and that's ok.
you need some new stuff in your life.
just look at all of the leftovers in your refrigerator.
this is why no one comes over very much anymore.
your mother and i have been meaning to have a talk with you.
it's that smell.

but i digress.

this is a compilation of music performed by bands on the radio.
this station coming out of emerson college in boston,ma.
i know.
it's crazy to think that this sort of thing used to happen.

1 - haste - two final words
2 - origin - lethal manipulation
3 - eighteen visions - she's a movie produced masterpiece
4 - shadows fall - of one blood
5 - knut - el nino
6 - cephalic carnage - invertus indica
7 - unearth - one step away
8 - god forbid - amendment
9 - poison the well - nerdy
10 - all that remains - from these wounds
11 - candiria - mathematics
12 - killswitch engage - numbered days
13 - the dillinger escape plan - cleopatra's sling
14 - unlisted cephalic carnage track


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