Monday, August 22, 2016

the pre new - the male eunuch

label: 3 loop music
released: 2015

i was made privy to this band via the song "psychedelic lies" the other day.
it can be found on this very album.
it's track #2.
i was brought into the fold by the first 20 seconds of the song.
with its discordant jagged guitars.
with its accompanying bassline and drums.
and i really think that it's something you kids out there would really enjoy.

of course there are other songs.
13 others to be exact.
and you'll probably like them as well.

don't let the album's title scare you.
the band's first album was titled MUSIC FOR PEOPLE WHO HATE THEMSELVES.
so it's safe to say that these blokes have a sense of humor.
i say "blokes" because they're from a place that uses that word.

so if your liking of things tends to lead towards bands like:
the fall
dinosaur jr
sonic youth
queens of the stone age
future of the left
public image ltd.

go for it,champ.


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jonder said...

I like these guys a lot -- they are the surviving members of the late great Earl Brutus, another band with a real sense of humor.

Sadly there was nothing on The Male Eunuch that stuck with me as much as "Psychedelic Lies".

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