Monday, August 29, 2016

Solids - Blame Confusion

Label: Fat Possum
Year: 2013

Here comes that World Famous Money Back Guarantee that I occasionally offer up as a way to coax you (gently...and from behind) to try something new. And I know that it's exciting when you see this proclamation, and I know that you have to say to yourself (or possibly the nearest loved one [jk, you fucking hermit]) "how on earth can his guy put it all out on the line like this...I mean, the balls on this dude...unreal. Bet he's a tender lover to boot...just sayin'". I get it, because yes, it's a big fucking deal, but dudes (and that one girl), this record is a BIG FUCKING DEAL!
Truth telling time.
I, like you, do not necessarily "get out much". I'll be frank. I used to. Used to be totally fucking cool (seriously, ask around), used to be out all damn night. Cattin' ALL around town. A legit rascal.
But now, in old age, and with responsibility and priorities and the like, I just can't justify, nor do I even really want to leave the comfort of my home. I struggled with this issue for awhile, but about 9-10 years ago came to terms with the fact that going out is for young people and the homeless, of which I am currently neither. And that's cool. So, a couple weeks ago there was a large music event in my town (which I believe I gave a pre-review for...didn't I?) that was going to lure me out of my Fortress of Solitude. And like any self respecting cave dweller, I decided to capitalize on this opportunity and make the most of the opportunity to stretch the ole "music legs". Squeeze my lemon until my juice run down my leg, as it were. You know, do my due diligence and research the bands I had never heard of in order to make sure I saw what was good and skipped the detritus. What's more rock-n-roll than research?! Answer: not a damn thing. Of the bands I dug into, I could not have dug Solids anymore than I currently dig. They earned a spot at the very top of my "to-do" list (right ahead of "learn Spanish"), and I did what needed to be done in order to be front and center when they played on Sunday afternoon, August 14th (which, as it turns out wasn't all that much, they were sandwiched between Civ and Dinosaur Jr, pretty perfect actually).
Solids did not disappoint (me), although, I bet they were disappointed in having to play under a tiny tent in the cruel southern heat and humidity of mid August smack dab in the middle of a parking lot. Less than ideal circumstances, with minimal attendance and/or reaction. Which sucked, but did not seem to hinder their abilities in the least bit to administer a blistering set of some of the most perfectly crafted rock songs these ears have heard in a dang ole long ass time. Perfect fucking songs. A marriage of everything you (I) loved about early 90s guitar rock (the noisy hooks), only the good parts of mid-90s post punk emo (the Castor stuff), and modern bands like Creepoid who have a mastery of off-kilter poppy angst. It pushes and pulls in all the right ways. It's memorable. You want the songs to keep going. It's seriously what I've been wanting to hear for years.
Solids played great regardless of circumstances. Made me forget about the blazing sun for a minute (which, by the way, sunburn).
They have a new ep that you can find both on my End Of The Year Super Spectacular Best Of List (spoiler alert), or here.
Prior to that new record, you simply must listen to this first. Listen to it loudly and often. Trust me. If you haven't heard it before, you will do that same thing I did and kick yourself for having slept on it. You'll curse the missed years you could have had with this record...the memories denied...the Facebook posts of what could have been.
Money back guaranteed.



Anonymous said...

Gray, Oh man I've been chomping at the bit to get your thoughts on the current lineup of our beloved Red Devils. I'm no fan of Mourinho but holy hell has he raised a mix of old and young talent. The Manchester Derby is just around the corner. I think that will be the first litmus test. With a possible 3 match ban for Aguero and Hart in Italy it would be bittersweet. Not really, I never tire of seeing City lose. Although Phil Jones tries I can see him exiting along with Schweinsteiger. Carrick could very well join them. I'm hoping Mata stays given their history. This is going to be an epic campaign. I smell a return to the top slot of the Premiership. MUFC!

Anonymous said...

Appreciate the enthusiasm but, like many times before, I find your writing much more exciting than the band in question. They're good, I just need to hear something louder and harsher and stupider right now I guess. Thanks anyway. You can keep the money. (And the tender loving.)

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