Friday, August 12, 2016

skeleton key - skeleton key ep

label: motel records
released: 1996

i was originally exposed to this band via the 1997 version of the lollapalooza.

they went from being one of those bands that you just walk by on your way to the bathroom to a "no,man. you go on ahead. i'm just going to stand here and piss my pants." kind of band.

speaking for myself anyway.

no need to worry about the friend i was walking with though.
he was just upset that the band korn weren't going to be playing anymore.
so he and his dry pants just stomped off.

and no.
i didn't actually piss my pants.
and thanks for worrying about that.

this band could be best described as an unreleased primus album.
the entire band.
and it would be the earlier primus.
none of that "les claypool just discovered jam bands" business.


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