Thursday, August 11, 2016

jane's addiction - live and rare

label: warner brothers records
released: 1991

fun fact: lollapalooza was originally intended as a farewell tour for jane's addiction.

and now it's just turned into the cool kids table.
but that's another rant for another time.

this is made up of the b-sides and singles from the RITUAL DE LO HABITUAL album.
demos and live stuff and whatnot.

and before any of you listen to this and finds yourself thinking "hey. this version of "three days" isn't anything special. it's just the same song broken into two parts. there's something fishy afoot."

and you're right.
the song is just split in two.
just pretend you're listening to RITUAL DE LO HABITUAL on 8-track.
and no.
before you take it to the googles: such a thing doesn't exist. i came up with it in my head. i know. i already checked.

1 - been caught stealing (remix)
2 - had a dad (demo)
3 - l.a. medley*
4 - had a dad**
5 - three days (pt.1)
6 - three days (pt.2)
7 - i would for you (demo)
8 - jane says (demo)
9 - no one's leaving***
10 - ain't no right***

*="l.a. woman" by the doors/"lexicon devil" by the germs/"nausea" by x  - 4.28.89 - john anson ford theatre -  los angeles,ca

**=3.10.89 -  riviera theatre - chicaco,il

***=12.19.90 - hollywood palladium - los angeles,ca


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