Saturday, August 6, 2016

flowerhead - ka-bloom!

label: zoo entertainment
released: 1992

truth be told: if you're not a fan of the foo fighters...
you're just missing out.
their earlier stuff anyway.

"what do the foo fighters have to do with this? why do you try to connect everything to the foo fighters? they're not kevin bacon."

both bands are connected.

they get a mention on the foo fighters' SELF-TITLED album in the song "watershed".
go on.
listen to it.
"i wanna swim in a watershed/i wanna listen to flowerhead".

which ka-bloom!
brings us right back here.

and you can also kinda sorta hear a flowerhead influence in there as well.

also: if you find yourself liking some of the early smashing pumpkins output....
maybe some early soundgarden....



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