Tuesday, August 16, 2016

brooklyn - the brooklyn sessions

this is adam yauch.
this is daryl jenifer.
this is doug e. beans.
this is some guy named tom cushman.

beastie boys on vocals.
bad brains on bass.
murphy's law on drums.
tom cushman on guitar.

after getting some money from the label after the LICENSE TO ILL tour adam yauch shopped around a demo that's gone under the monikers "the brooklyn demo" and "the brooklyn sessions".

this was at the tail end of 1987.
the boys were going through a change.

were you one of the folks that were all like "this is some fucking next level shit right here,son." after having heard PAUL'S BOUTIQUE?

i mean....after having heard LICENSE TO ILL....

i was.

the point of "you know. that huge inflatable penis onstage every night. the girls backstage. we needs to get back to our roots,man." had probably been reached.

and i'm going to assume that most of you are aware that the beastie boys were a punk band at one time,yeah?

they'd been called a "third rate bad brains" a time or two.

so this is adam yauch going back to the roots.

no samples.
no record scratching.
no rhyming words.

just some fellas with instruments "laying it down" as the kids day.

if you're familiar with the beastie's more basic materials....
this is for you.

as if this needed another selling point...
the makings of the song "gratitude" (from CHECK YOUR HEAD) can be found here.


that's for you to find out.


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