Saturday, July 30, 2016

baby chaos - safe sex,designer drugs & the death of rock 'n' roll

label: east/west
released: 1994

it was album art that had caught my attention and made me pick up the cassette and carry it to the front counter.

this was at the mall.
at a disc jockey.

i'd never heard of the band before that.
and then i got it home and listened to it.
and honestly after the initial listen nothing really stuck out.
well maybe the song "saliva".
aka: track #2.

"nondescript" would be a good word.
very typical of the time.

but over the years i found myself wondering "y'know...i wonder what baby chaos is up to".
and every so often i'd try to seek this album out again.
but nothing came up.

and then one day i was wandering around a music store.
perusing their used cd section.
and there it was.
a promo copy.
one of those "must be returned on demand of recording company" kind of things.
and the .50 price tag was just within my price range.

i know.
doesn't this really make you feel as if you're not able to click the DL fast enough?

now hurry before the recording company wants this back.


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