Tuesday, May 3, 2016

V/A - 18:18 10"

Label: Carbon Music / Now Or Never Recordings

Fun idea #238:
I'm going to release a compilation record. I'm going to get some pretty heavy hitter bands to participate...but...BUT, when I release this compilation, I will include no information whatsoever on who those bands are, what the songs are titled, nothing. Insert? No way. Information on the label? No way. Listing of bands on the sleeve? Ludacris, won't do it. That kind of stuff is old fashioned, and I'm ready to turn the music world on it ear with a new approach to marketing. I'm thinking a silver sleeve with simply "18:18" (the running time of the record, naturally....goddamn I'm a clever bastard!) embossed on the cover, and my record label embossed on the back. Super clean. The 10" itself will be clear vinyl (or blue or gold if you're really lucky) with a white label on side A denoting the running time of that side, and a black label on the flipside with the running time labelled and that's its. Throw that baby in a plain white sleeve with a hand stamped "x of 500" jammer on there, and presto, we're done. Boom. People are going to LOVE it! (and I'm not even mentioning the lockgroove that ends the record...oh yes, those are the greatest...motherfuckers are going to flip out!)

Oh wait...what do you mean I need more money to put this record out than I had originally budgeted?

Hey, um, Now Or Never Recordings, I've got this super cool record all ready to go, it's a totally mind-blowing concept with no information given about its contents....yeah...no info at all. Isn't that cool? Yeah, well anyway, um, I'm running a little short on funds and could reeeeeeeaaaaaaally use a little loaner to get this bad boy off the ground. What do you say?

No, but the whole thing is that we can't have anything written on the record....don't you get it? No? What do you mean? You don't think anyone will but it? Why not?

Ok....ok....fine. Ok. We will put a sticker with your logo on the back of the sleeve. Cool? What?! no way! No way am I going to put any....no wait...come back! It's fine, seriously. we can also put a sticker on the back that lists the names of the bands, alright? Just...no song titles please?

Yes! Dude, you are totally not going to regret it man! This thing is going to be so boss!

(And that my friends is the story on how to release a record that is immediately lost to the ether.)

The bands:
Dillinger Escape Plan
Ink & Dagger
Today Is The Day
Black Army Jacket
(bonus sound collage at the end)


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