Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sie Lieben Maschinen - June Gloom

Label: Haymaker
Year: 2015

Sorry that we've been "gone fishin'" or something lately, but....we have. Or, I have anyway. Needed a break for a minute. Life shit.
I'm still hoping that Ipecac will get back in the game at some point soon, but...we'll all have to wait. The world waits.

In the interim, how about we get back to some music? Which is presumably why you're here, right?

And how about we make that music in the post punk mold, with a little low end noise rock undercurrent, and a slight (very slight) goth-ish broken dance feel? And how about we ask ex-members of Season To Risk, Glazed Baby, Shiner, Replicator, Minot, and Roman Numerals to execute it?

Somebody should do that.


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Pete in Portland said...

I have only posted a handful of times (sorry) but have been following this blog for years and years and years. June Gloom is great, thank you. This is well past 15 or so albums now that I've bought from bandcamp because of SGM. So.. keep up the good work!

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