Thursday, January 28, 2016

Cowslingers - Trucker's Last Dollar 7"

Label - Man's Ruin
Year: 1996

Trucker chic? Ramblin' gamblin' men?
Redneck culture was big business for Man's Ruin Records, and Cowslingers had redneck culture on lock. Rebel flags and twangy rockabilly punk, country and western graphics....all that.
On this record they even go so far as to cover Daniel Dean Darst's "Roll On Big Mama", an ode to the solitude of the road. White line fever and all that. Daniel Dean Darst wrote "Roll On Big Mama" (made famous by the Joe Stampley) in the way early Seventies, and then went on to write for other country singers around Nashville, most notably David Allen Coe, before showing up where you and I would see him for the first time, as one of the police officers in Silence Of The Lambs. You know the one, with the super weird moustache during that scene where Hannibal Lechter escapes that crazy cage in the middle of a large room by gnawing someone's face off and wearing it over his own as he's transported from the crime scene as a "wounded officer". You'd recognize him if you saw him.
That aside.
The real draw here is the title track, which sounds like a coked up Waylon Jennings barnburner as performed by the band Surgery. It's super good.
But I'm from the South, so I'm allowed to like this sort of thing.


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