Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ovlov - am

Label: Exploding In Sound
Year: 2013

Am I just really late to this band, or had they flown under everyone else's radar as well? Yes, I admit I'm late enough that they already broke up, which is truly unfortunate. Really unfortunate actually, because they are one of a small handful of bands who have synthesized elements of 90's indie rock into something that harkens back to those sounds but remains contemporary and fresh. Nostalgia without being annoyingly nostalgic.
Specifically, they have taken Dinosaur Jr's slacker guitar histrionics and married them to My Bloody Valentine's more straightforward, yet still bombastic, material, and seasoned liberally with some of the more melancholy moments of Archers of Loaf. It all results in music that is fun and catchy and all that, but it still has drive and muscle and power. That's a tough balance, but Ovlov had it nailed. It's the perfect sound sometimes. A lot of the time.
Sorry I missed this one.

Goddam this good shit!


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Pete in Portland said...

I loved this, thank you!

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