Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mama Tick - Gimmie The Five Bucks

Label: Dubious Honor
Year: 1994

A request (a couple requests actually, but one yesterday) to re-post the Mama Tick discography from a few years back is prompting this one today. The answer to the request is: No. Sorry. It's a pain to assemble those discographies and I don't feel like doing it right now. That being said, any fan of Mama Tick is a person (most likely a man person) who I feel a certain kinship with, and a certain obligation to. We are a small but dedicated community, and we must look out for one another.
So, here's the one and only full length mustered up by the mighty Mamas. Nine songs of loose and wild noise rock that epitomize all that was good with rock music of this vintage. Loud, weird, messy, heavy, fucked. What else do you want?
I'll post the Bovine and Amphetamine Reptile 7"s tomorrow, because I'm just that nice a guy. Or something.
Hail Mama Tick!



BeSound said...

Thanx man :)

andrew tikkanese said...

many thx...cheers!

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those guys! Thanks for the re-up!

Anonymous said...

Really happy about the albums you are uploading, most of the bands i haven't even heard of.

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