Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Kilara - Southern Fried Metal

Label: Crimeth Inc.
Year: 1998

Fuck it, right? Keep it going. More feedback, more bass rumble, more tar soaked riffs, more burly bellows. If it ain't broke...something or other.
Crimeth Inc was kind enough to consolidate all of Kilara's random non-lp material (with the exception of the Hellchild split songs) from their 7", their split with Inquisition, two demos, and they even threw in a couple previously unreleased jams, just cause.
The song "Surpass Onry" is an absolute master class in clenched jaw nihilism. Perfect.
Not everything can, or should, be nice all the time. Sometimes you need nasty.



Anonymous said...

Oi, Gray! Nasty it will be come Saturday. Our lads have a chance to top the table at Leicester City. Who'd have thought that 19 goals over 13 matches would put MUFC at 2nd place in the Premiership? Not pretty or high scoring. Mata has stepped up and Martial is a welcome addition. LvG is the man.
Leicester City on the other hand - wow! I figured them for relegation status before the campaign started. I'd like to see Vardy break the record but not against us. I foresee L.C. making a ton of money during the summer transfer season. Much like Southampton did in 2014. I can't believe they didn't drop into relegation after the exodus of their top talent.
Are you into rugby at all? I've seen a few minutes here and there. Enter the 2015 Rugby World Cup and I'm hooked. Talk about a direct opposite of "the beautiful game". Nothing delicate or sublime about these guys. I could do without the Maori dance but the play itself is brutal. I'd love to throw LeBron James or some NFL meat head into a half. I can see some huge South African tossing them around like rag dolls. I digress.

Gray said...

I'm about to sit down and watch Man U in Champions League in about 15 minutes. Hoping they can pull some fucking offense out of their asses to wrap their group up.

This whole Leicester City thing is wild. I'm kinda stoked that they are top of the table, in an underdog kind of way. But, that being said, it sure would be fucking cool to see Rooney score two to get them back up to Numero Uno!

Agree on Juan Mata. WHo would have thunk it? Little Spanish bastard actually has me rooting for him. He's a workhorse, and unlike his fellow Spaniards, he plays standing up like a man, not flopping around like a goddam pussy.

On the fence about van Gaal's coaching right now. I expected him to "get all Dutch on that ass", but I wasn't expecting to see them play as conservative as they are. You look at the Dutch national team, and while yes, they can strangle you with possession, they still have flurries of creative aggression (middle school punk band name!) that result in some of the most beautiful soccer on record. Man U is missing that aggression I think. They don't have that old danger that they had a couple seasons back when they seemed to always be going for goal. Like I said, I have mixed feelings. I do like LvG, but it would be great to unleash some of that offensive power (ANOTHER middle school punk band name!)they have pent up.

Now we just have to get everybody to shut up about Ronaldo returning to Old Trafford. It's a distraction, and I don't think they need to spend another billion dollars on another billion dollar striker (they already have Memphis, Martial, and Rooney...that should be enough to score 3 goals a game) and instead work on uncorking those guys and shoring up the defense (which is still super shaky, even though before last weekend I think they had played 600+ minutes without allowing a goal).

It should be a great game this weekend, I'm excited to watch. Fingers crossed nobody gets hurt in the UEFA match today.

As for rugby....no. Seems complicated, and not something I'm ready to try and understand.

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