Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Drive Like Jehu - Yank Crime

Label: Interscope
Year: 1994

Posting this not so much for you to hear, assuming you've owned it for years and years (but if not, hey, here you go, prepare yourself), but more as an excuse to pose the following question:
Who were the "best" band of the 1990's?

Was it Drive Like Jehu? Could make a pretty solid argument.
Was it Fugazi? Unwound? Archers of Loaf? Nirvana? Craw? Sunny Day Real Estate? The Jesus Lizard? Quicksand? Chavez? Harvey Milk? Lungfish? Kyuss?

I'm literally asking. Who released nothing but quality, life-changing songs? Who didn't overstay their welcome and get boring?



Randy Pole said...

You left out Oxbow, Table, Six Finger Satellite, Rodan, Dazzling Killmen, Circus Lupus, Tar, Slint, Bastro...

On "life-changingness" it goes to johnboy for me.

Randy Pole said...

Wait, I forgot Crain and Bluetile Lounge and Ricaine and Come and Confessor and sleep and sweet fuck this would take ages.

I miss you 90's.

Tore Nielsen said...

The Jesus Lizard is a pretty good choice, I find. So's Ed Hall and Sleep.

orangekick said...

For me, it always was and always will be Hum.

julius orange said...

oh shit, we talkin' about unfuckwithable 90's bands? what about Jawbox, Karp, Godheadsilo, Lync, Rye Coalition, etc etc

James Joyce said...

Drive Like Jehu didn't wear out their welcome technically, but I feel like the Rick and John have in a way diluted their legacy by being in so many other bands, many could be considered inferior to Jehu. I believe Jehu would be Slint-level legendary if this was the only thing any of them ever did.

James Joyce said...

Still, they are probably the best band of the 90s in terms of pure standalone quality.

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