Friday, October 23, 2015

Waiting On The Samhain Of My Soul

It's almost Halloween, which means it's almost Samhain, which's fucking Danzig weather!
So, we would be remiss if we didn't spotlight the man, excuse me...Man, who has made a career out of channeling the dark, the black, the evil, the scary, and the profane. The Evil Elvis himself, the pride of Lodi, New Jersey....Glenn goddamn Danzig! (nee, Glenn Allen Anzalone to his mother [tell your children not to look my way...])

So it is with great excitement that I am handing the blog over to good friend (actual friend mind you...I DO have friends*) Jeff Simms for the entire week starting Monday for five blood soaked days of Danzig related ephemera. He (who cannot be named) has invested far too much of his life into researching, studying, and generally worshipping Glenn in all his incarnations (I think Jeff even willed himself to enjoying Black Aria II), and you, the good reader, will benefit from hearing first hand his trials and tribulations navigating the long way back from hell that is Danzig superfandom.

Even I don't know exactly what Mr. Simms has planned, but he assures me that he will only be posting rare items, since we should all have the released discography in triplicate by this point. It will be a fun ride sifting through whatever horror business that's up for offer.

Tune in Monday morning for the first in our five part series paying tribute to the greatest American songwriter of all time (yeah, that's right...fuck you if you don't believe me!)!

*Fun Danzig-Simms-Kiser trivia: Jeff learned to play the drums some time around 8th or 9th grade and we immediately proceeded to "start a band" (even though I had zero musical abilities to offer...just gusto...lots and lots of gusto). The aborted project (which to be honest, consisted of a single cover of Judge's "Take Me Away") was christened No Resistance, a nod to both our straight edge tendencies by sounding like something that could be emblazoned across a letterman's jacket AND our shared love of Danzig by referencing the chorus to "Children In Heat". Pretty great, huh?

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