Thursday, October 22, 2015

Meat Wave - Delusion Moon

Label: Sideonedummy
Year: 2015

All hands on deck! All hands on deck!
Stop doing whatever you're doing (masturbating? again? Really Curtis?) and report to your stereo hi-fi system (ha ha, just kidding....crowd around your computer) to immediately blast this record at top volume (grandparents be damned!).
Meat Wave have managed to find that sweet spot between catchy indie rock and ripper punker noise that results in the oft-chased dragon of "fun and memorable yet raucous and rowdy". It's got a lot of the hallmarks you might have found of a band playing the Cat's Cradle circa 1992, but also the hallmarks of contemporaries Diarrhea Planet or The Marked Men or Bass Drum Of Death or that crop of messy noiseniks. Music like this lives or dies on it's ability to be fun, and Meat Wave are fun. But they don't make you feel like a total puss for saying so (excuse me Muscle and urgency and a good tune are a lethal combination.
Good music for good weather. Top fucking notch!


1 comment:

julius orange said...

yup this album is great. catchy as fuck but not too pop punky. The Marked Men is a pretty apt comparison.

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