Friday, October 2, 2015

Distorted Pony - Work Makes Freedom

Label: Bomp!
Year: 1991

Originally released as a single sided 12" with the B-side being an etching of all the song lyrics. It would probably sound like shit to play side B. Kind of like when Bob and Doug Mcenzie tried to "play" the floppy disc they "horked" from the Elsinore Brewery on their turntable, only to remark that resulting high pitched squeals must be "one of those English New Wave bands". If you haven't seen Strange Brew in awhile, please do yourself the favor of arranging a screening post haste. Fucking brutal movie! I used to watch the shit out of it when I was in middle school. It was "one of our things" in my group of buddies, as queer as that might sound. We would watch ridiculous movies until they were committed to memory, then we would speak to each other in our secret language of Zucker Brothers comedy dialogue to the point that nobody could understand what in the fuck we were talking about.
Then we realized that girls had vaginae.
That was sort of the end of the movie parties.
So, Distorted Pony....uh, they are good. They sound kinda like Big Black meets Cop Shoot Cop/ Easy. Also, former Samhain-ian London May would play drums for this band later on in their career (this record has a drum machine).

*originally posted 09-30-09, reposted 10-02-15


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GeorgCracked said...

This is great. Distorted Pony are great. Damn shame only a few People remember them. Thanks a lot!

By the way: "work makes freedom" was in the grossest form of cynicism written above the doors of a concentration camp by the Nazis in WWII.

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