Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Vandal X - All Lined Up Against The Wall

Label: Vlas Vegas
Year: 2008

Sometimes shit doesn't go your way. Life can suck ass. It's just how it should expect it by now (you're over 40, right?).
Well, long running two piece Belgian noise rock fist fuckers Vandal X understand your pain. They embody it. As the years go on they seem to channel more and more and more hatred and aggression than before. Take your shittiest day, plug into a full stack, turn the volume all the way up, and proceed to hack away at a series of jarring riffs. Keep doing that until the building you are in crumbles down around you (and it will). This is what will make you feel better...for awhile anyway.
Or, go get in your car. Start it up and roll down the windows. Drive to the nearest freeway. Accelerate until the car begins shaking. Keep accelerating. Stick your head out the window. That's what this sounds like.
I love it. I doubt they love me back, but that's ok, I wouldn't want to dilute any of their vitriol anyway. Takes my mind off bad shit for a few, which is more than you can ask from an album, but what you should expect.


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Vanusian said...

as a 50+ Methadone and Valium addict I know life can and does suck. music - savage music - calms my addled mind. great blog. cows and god bullies especially. thanks!

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