Monday, September 14, 2015

Todd - Forget The Minions

Label: Southern
Year: 2007

Todd's real good, right? Limited edition tour-only 7"s are real good too, right? How's about when you dedicate one side of said funky lil platter (Spazz reference, you're welcome) to a Karp cover? Good, right?
All of these questions are easily answered on the other side of this download.
Three songs here, and I am ready to make the audacious claim (not unlike when I proclaimed UNICEF as a cabal of "shape-shifting ancient lizard people on a global hunt for human organ meat to feed their insatiable bloodlust for youthful skin and a way to deter competitors from challenging their stats as the number one international recreational corporate intermural tennis league" [jury's still out on that one, by the way]) that this is THE greatest pound-for-pound Todd release out there. Which of course, mean's it's one of THE greatest pound-for-pound noise rock experiences you'll have today, or most any day. It's that good.



Anonymous said...

you dont happen to have purity pledge do you? you wouldnt mind posting it would you? would you?

mvllet said...

Purity Pledge and Comes to Your House are two of my favourite records, can't believe I've never heard this one before. Total ragers.

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