Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pigs - Gaffe

Label: Solar Flare
Year: 2013

Pigs have a new record out! This ain't it though. Sorry.
Actually, not sorry. This record slays balls, so there's nothing to apologize about.
Three song 10" put out in France (freedom fries) with one original and two covers (Cheap Trick [always a good choice] and Betty Davis [supplanting her funk for lumbering ogre boogie]). If you know Pigs, then you know they are one half of the band JJ Paradise Players Club (with their third leg coming from Barbaro/Slughog) and essentially sound like a continuation of those foul sounds (which is good). Unsane stranglehold with Whores. punch. Can't go wrong.

Pregame with this jammer prior to digging into the new full length.


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Nacho said...

the new record is called WRONGER and is a fucking masterpiece.

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