Thursday, September 17, 2015

Capricorns - 1 ep

Label: Rise Above
Year: 2004

These three songs in eighteen minutes is all it should take to cave in your home (local building codes not withstanding). Huge, rolling riffs like bulldozer treads mercilessly grinding everything in their path as they plow through the speakers. With moments of relative calm interspersed between the crush (one can only assume the bulldozer driver has left his machine in idle whilst he refills his thermos full of Tullamore Dew) slowly build back to a chugging overdrive. No El Jefe to bark orders, this machine runs on instinct.
Members of Dukes Of Nothing, Iron Monkey, Orange Goblin, Alabaster Suns, Bridge & Tunnel, and Fabric (fucking-A, you remember Fabric, right? The "English Quicksand"?). They know what it is they do, and they does it well.



Simon Coles said...

Fabric !!!! I loved them, now need to find that and the Bob Tilton album Lets hope i dint sell them for glue or drugs

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