Tuesday, August 18, 2015

V/A - New York Eye and Ear Control

Label: Matador
Year: 1990

Long out of print compilation with some of the earliest released material of some of those bands that people talk about a lot as being "real good", or at least "important".
At the time of this release I was pretty much under the singular influence of the post-'88 NYHC resurgence, enjoying whatever Revelation saw fit to release on colored vinyl that month. I was like many a man my age, raised on SST and COC (rap freestyle!) and Dischord and stuff, and looking to "expand" into "more mature" music, which somehow Quicksand and Supertouch seemed to be at that time. But (let's talk about your big 'but') being the super well-rounded, well-adjusted, hyper intellectual guy that I was (am?), I would buy pretty much anything that looked different or offered any promise of being loud and fucked up. And this record had Royal Trux on it, and I liked Royal Trux, and it had Cop Shoot Cop on it, and I liked Cop Shoot Cop. So, it was purchased (on CD even...big spender), and listened to a few times and the free jazz ran me off, back to a GO! 7" or something. I couldn't do the free jazz. I still can't do the free jazz. I don't trust those who do.
The bands:
Dustdevils (yes, scratches a Sonic Youth itch)
Timber (eh, sorta lifeless, but has an ex-Swan)
Fitch (no)
Cop Shoot Cop (yes, good and weird)
OWT (no, synth damage that soothes but doesn't deliver)
Borbetomagus (no, death by clarinet)
Circle X (yes, droning strangeness, future Loudspeaker, ex-Crucifix, ex-No Fun)
Royal Trux (yes, a 'Twin Infinitives' track, and a droning loopy one to boot)
Railroad Jerk (yes, this band has aged extremely well, I think I listen more now than I did then)
The Biggest Square Thing (yes, featuring Athens, GA ex-pat Sue Garner who moved to NY before it was cool)
Rudolph Grey (yes, borderline self indulgent, but enough SST muscle to be great)
Unsane (yes, it's fucking Unsane, I mean, what else do you want?)
Fitch  (no, again)


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