Friday, August 28, 2015

Shit And Shine - Cherry

Label: Riot Season
Year: 2008

Weirdness uber alles.
Sometimes music, sometimes noise, sometimes conceptual art(?).
Lots of circling drone patterns, flavored with unsettling sounds and "vocals" (some found and some manufactured by the band). Not for the faint of heart. More for the kind of person who would knowingly rent a house boat with a slow leak in the hull, invite a few of their friends who can't swim all that well, throw a dinner party featuring rancid shellfish and a Bulgarian polka soundtrack,  then stand back to enjoy the prolonged death spiral. Bathing in a mix of malfunctioning electronics and the pained cries for help as each guest slips below the waves, one by one as they lose their battle treading water. Not sure if you remembered to pack a life vest yourself.
That guy.
Not sure if it's fitting to say "enjoy", but...try and enjoy.


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