Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hip To Death - Punk Will Never Die, But You Will

Label: self released
Year: 2011

Here's an Atlanta band that's been kicking around the proverbial "scene" for a few years now, but they don't seem to get the same attention that some of their peers have received. And maybe that's because they defy easy categorization, or because they don't seem especially eager to put out records with any sort of regularity, or...I don't know.
It's a two piece, husband and wife duo, who have culled together influences from all around the post hardcore, post punk, and post rock universe to lay down a wash of tuneful noisy bliss.
Some of these songs could have come from Sonic Youth's earliest records. Some of them could have been featured on the 1981  'Hell Comes To Your House' compilation. And some of them would be perfect for a set at next year's Austin Psych Fest. See what I'm saying? They can come at it with a frenetic pulsing energy, or they can lay back and let the sounds just crackle about, creating their own patterns and rhythms.
I slept on this band for a long time...like a lot of folks it would seem, but no more. This is a killer record worms its way around your ears and with a darkness and sophistication that doesn't come around that often. Don't be like me, pay attention to this one.



Anonymous said...

I forgot about our boy, Berbatov. He may be coming back to the EPL with Bournemouth. I can't believe nobody snatched him up. Even at 34 he's still amazing. I had a stat somewhere showing him in the top 10 Euro scorers of all time. Philistines.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I love LvG. Can't believe Pelligrini has lasted with the fickle Arab ownership. Mourinho is smart but dickish. Can't see Arsenal amounting to anything this season. I like seeing the lesser teams like Southampton (especially after losing many of their best)and Chrystal Palace do well.Some useless tidbits here. MU stand about average with 7 English players. Chelsea has the lowest with 2. Bournemouth has the most with 17. If I were to fantasize about bringing in people I'd want O'Shea back. I'd take Fletcher as well if it weren't for injuries. After that Adam Johnson (underrated). Carrick, Jones, and Smalling out.

Anonymous said...

P.P.S. Cech's transfer to Arsenal was a stroke of genius by Mourinho. Petr fucked Arsenal with both teams to Chelsea's advantage. OK I'm done. Old Trafford will be the Thunderdome once again!

Gray said...

I still get lost in Berbatov YouTube rabbit holes on the regs...dude's first touch is the best I've ever seen. His casual approach is un-fuck-able-with. The best!

You can't deny Mourinho is at least very entertaining. Don't think Chelsea are going to run the table again this year (that opening match loss was great!), but they will be fun to root against, and make it interesting. His post-match interviews are the best in the business.

I missed the opening United game (good excuse: was building a half pipe) and only saw the highlights, which were pretty depressing. Still not convinced of that back line. Still thinking Mata might be the season's most valuable player. Still not sure about this Pedro dude coming over, even after he got the game winner in the Super Cup...too many Spaniards.

Glory glory!

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