Monday, August 24, 2015

Clouds - Legendary Demo

Label: Hydra Head
Year: 2007

Last week was slim in terms of posts (not in terms of my mid-section), so I would like to kick off this week with a rollicking, rocking, rolling, riffing party of a record.
Take the Motorhead/Danzig approach of Doomriders and marry that to the big swinging rock of mid-later period Cave In, and viola. Clouds. You like a tasty lick? Clouds. You like a ripping solo? Clouds. You like Sir Lord Baltimore as performed by Scissorfight? Clouds. You like skipping the last 19 minutes of a record on account of it being an aimless dub? Clouds.
The record was put together out of a Boston Frankenstein of powerhouse players. Jay Cannava of 27 and Miltown is on bass. A guy named Q who's played with Cave In, Panic, J/Q, Doomriders, Magic Circle, and King Duane Sunnapee is on drums. And you got a dueling guitar attack from Jim Carroll of The Hope Conspiracy, The Suicide File, and Pure Love, alongside Adam McGrath of Cave In, Zozobra, Kid Kilowatt, and King Duane Sunnapee. Solid personnel. No slouches.
Take off your shirt, get a sunburn, and listen up!


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