Thursday, July 23, 2015

Volt - Rorhat

Label: Exile On Mainstream
Year: 2006

There are some folks out there who continuously and consistently turn me on to great new music that I would have otherwise missed. And in the age of the music blog, those people have turned out to be semi-anonymous or pseudonymed people far-flung across the globe. I guess that's just the way things are right now, it's sort of weird, but probably not much different from when I used to send letters out all over the place looking for demos, stickers, zines, or obscure 7"s, and remarkably, I would usually get something back in return that ruled in some way shape or form. The world is a lot smaller in this digital age, but the concept has stayed the same. Keep digging, and you'll find some pretty remarkable creativity still out there.
So, with apologies to my other favorites; Worried Well, Pinto, Fred, Cheeto, X-Angel, Mega-Leg, Lo-Res Viscera, Stormy, Batguano, our own Ipecac of course, and...well I don't want to forget anyone, so I'll just say "everyone else", I would have to nominate Arsonaut as the first inductee into the music blogging hall of fame. That guy (and I can only assume it's a guy based on the writing style and musical selections) has unearthed more and better music than any other one person I can think of. Where, or how he finds it, who knows? But I'm glad he's out there scouring the earth for more and better sounds, I'll always look forward to seeing his next post.
So aside from this being a love letter to some dude I will never meet, it also serves the purpose of reposting a record that Arsonaut first hipped me to a year or so ago on Lucidmedia back before that site hit the shitter.
Volt is a German band who come on hard and furious (that's what she said), channeling the spirit of Keelhaul, Melvins, Colossamite, King Snake Roost, and a little bit of that ole chestnut, The Jesus Lizard. It results in something that you might hear from one of the newish UK bands like Shit and Shine, Kong, or Part Chimp, so in other words, godhead. This record destroys in every way, shape, and form. If you haven't heard it already, please do, and then, after you stand back up from the ass kicking you just received, go buy/order it here.

So there you go, cheers to Arsonaut, cheers to Volt, and cheers to you all. Didn't that make everyone feel just great?

*Originally posted 02-06-10, reposted 07-23-15. Going out of town again today for a little rest and relaxation in the mountains, so I wanted to leave you with this banger of epic proportions that has been offline for some time. Enjoy it loudly and frequently.


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