Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Towers - Towers

Label: Electric Human Project
Year: 2007

There's a million bands called Towers, and this is one of them (that I know of). They were from Philadelphia, and left this mortal coil back in 2014 for reasons unknown, but we suspect nefarious.
This Towers liked to get real up in your face, so you could smell the rancor of their hot breath on your own lips, the spittle bathing your cheeks. Thy tuned down, turned up, and proceeding with a blasting of noisy, off kilter, D-beat, blackened, aggressive hardcore. Bits of patron saints Discharge, bits of perennial touchstone His Hero Is Gone, bits of Neurosis, bits of Isis (which I get is a...bit...repetitive), and some good old fashioned hard work.
It's enjoyable the way scratching an itch until it bleeds down your leg is enjoyable. Most effective played at high volume in an open space whereupon free flailing is acceptable.
Yes, this record is slightly out of the usual genre highlighted on this blog. But let's be honest, as long as I'm the sole contributor to this hellhole for the foreseeable future, then genre concerns give way to "what is Gray listening to this morning?". Right? And c'mon guys (and that one girl), would I steer you wrong?


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