Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Thug / Greenmachine - Split 7"

Label: Bovine

Speaking of unheralded and unabashed...let's listen to Thug,ok?
The Bovine Records house band, they managed to sound heavier an uglier than almost anybody else at the time deploying thick bursts of feedback-soaked hatred. Everything about it was recorded in the red. Just gross. Thug also knew their way around a little grind and metal, which they sounded like a noise rock band flirting with powerviolence...which is fine by me.
Greenmachine was posted a couple months back on this very blog, and I believe I described them as "the Japanese Eyehategod", which, was pretty right-on. Sabbath riffs overdriven with venomous spite and rage...pretty much like Eyehategod. Not a thing the matter with that.

Can't express how much the Bovine label is missed.


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Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for this! Glad somebody remembers the mighty Bovine label. I love your blog, too---thanks for all the great crud!

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