Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Gallows - Orchestra Of Wolves

Label: In At The Deep End
Year: 2006

How are you feeling about that Refused reunion? What about the Planes Mistaken For Stars one? Cause that might have a bearing on how you will feel about hearing this record again. Or for the first time, I don't know.
There was a brief window of time when post-Refused hardcore bands were taking the vigor and venom of the genre and injecting both the Nation Of Ulysses-isms (even if they didn't realize that's what it was) that Refused had borrowed, and the Botch-isms of the start/stop noisecore world and layering a rock-n-roll swagger atop the whole mess (again, Refused had flirted with that as well). Cancer Bats was one of those bands. The Bronx did some of that. Every Time I Die evolved into something of that ilk. And Planes Mistaken For Stars morphed from scream basement hardcore into something along those lines (and predated Gallows by a good 5-6 years).
If you can handle it, it's fun. If the occasional chugga chugga turns you off, and that's ok if it does, then you might not go for it. I suppose it was just another milepost in the evolution of hardcore, so your predilection towards the genre will certainly make or break your desire to get into it.
Personally, I can dig it.


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