Friday, June 12, 2015

Arsenal - Factory Smog Is A Sign Of Progress

Label: Touch And Go
Year: 1990

Two thirds of Big Black (Santiago Durango and Mr. Roland) reunite to continue that band's legacy, whilst adding keyboards to the mix, thus making a more accessible, and somehow industrial feeling record. Bass on this 12" is handled by Naked Raygun's Pierre Kezdy, who had written some of these tracks while in previous bands Strike Under and Trial By Fire. 
The cd version also includes the bands other, and first ep, "Manipulator", which is a little less focused than "Factory Smog...". 
If they were giving trophies for Best Post-Big Black album by former members of Big Black, it would certainly go to Rapeman, but Arsenal ain't nothing to slouch about. 
Also, as soon as I go to find a cover image for this post I realize Sister Hell had already posted this months ago. Those motherfuckers beat me to everything! I guess that says something about the quality of their shit versus the quality of mine huh?

*originally posted 12-23-09, reposted 06-12-15



Emc is a Square said...

Hi there! Already a big long-time fan of Big Black, etc., jus found out about Arsenal, and it looks like here is the only place to find it, except I missed it. Could you re-up PLEASE and THANK YOU! Let me know if you did, thanks again!

Emc is a Square said...

Also, is Manipulator included???

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