Friday, May 1, 2015

Useless Children - Post Ending // Pre Completion

Label: Iron Lung
Year: 2012

More Australian insanity! Yes!
I'm fucking into this record! Cripplingly dense with warm fuzzy, effects-laden feedback. So much so that they should credit it as the fourth member of the band. It's the key to holding together the wild collection of volume together into a cohesive song. Makes for a gloriously punishing listen.
You see that album cover up there? The bad trip looking melting hell thing? Yeah, well, that's sort of your ears after giving this album a properly loud listen. It brings together some of the pummeling of Godflesh, some of the sludge-fuck (patent pending) of Gob, some of the swirling madness of Head Of David, and some genuine cobra venom just to ramp things up. Total fuck, no light exits.
There are moments where it sounds as if the bass track has been slowed to half speed, resulting in an unholy rumble under the din. It's sickeningly beautiful, and unbelievably effective in drawing the listener into the dystopian universe of each song. Gnarly.
There's a cameo by Rick from Feedtime, and the whole record was mastered by Alex mean...c'mon! You will not be disappointed.


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phil said...

This rips!
Greetings from Copenhagen

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