Monday, May 4, 2015

Pord - Wild

Label: Solar Flare
Year: 2014

Did Chris Spencer have French triplets (possible new band name: Chris Spencer's French Triplets...trademarked!)? They sound to certainly have some of that Unsane DNA (which frankly, got all over the damned place, I mean, you've seen the album covers), but they also have some modern hardcore genetics in play as well (Breach, Knut). Which I'm not now, nor ever, complaining about. And then, every so often Pord will inject some off-kilter section into their song, something that snaps you out of the your bedroom headbanging and forces you to recalibrate the rate at which you are snapping your neck to and fro. The band cite some noise rock titans as influences, and that must be what's informing their decisions to take a straight ahead four on the floor banger and careen it around a few curves prior to ramming it straight through the back wall of the garage.
I like it. Good shit.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

mmmmm, nice. this label has a solid roster.
love, phil.

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