Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Thrones - Late For Dinner

Label: Conspiracy
Year: 2010

Two songs of total clear-cutting, deforesting, steamrolling, bulldozing power. Sorry, I should have said POWER.The only way Joe Preston knows how (unless you count the OTHER only way he knows how, the noisy washes of guitar experimentation...but just hold off on that for now.). It's a brutal Melvins/Harvey Milk/C Average styled full frontal assault. It's Thrones at their (his) most accessible, very much a straightforward heavy sludge that feels so incredibly right. Perfect almost.
About halfway through the second song ("Trmph Lfe"), when Joe downshifts to a half speed knuckle-dragger, you'll be hard pressed not to punch a hole in whatever wall is closest to you at the time. I love it!

All hail Joe Preston!


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