Thursday, April 16, 2015

My America - Hurry Up And Chill

Label: self released
Year: 2010

I'm excited by this band, even though I'm late to the party (read about them on Noisey today...that's how far behind I am). They have a new record coming out soon which I'm very much looking forward to, but in the meantime jump on the retroactive bandwagon with me! 2010 wasn't THAT long ago, it's cool, we can still be sorta in on shit. There are older releases out there to seek out as well, but let's focus today on this particular one.
Most immediate comparison to my (calloused) ears is: JJ Paradise Players Club. Not that this is a cover band or anything, but they seem to share the same DNA in so much as they play a frighteningly aggressive hybrid of noise rock influenced hardcore. The guitars are very loud and sufficiently gnashing and ripping. The vocals are feral roars from behind the basement furnace, documenting a litany of complaints and transgressions. The song structures can swing violently from stomping mid tempo broils, to half time sludgy workouts, and some meth'd out speed freak moments. I appreciate that My America aren't afraid to veer into some more metallic territory when the song warrants a little chugging abrasion. Again, it's a lot of the same elements that made JJ Paradise Players Club so fucking rages and is mean and nasty, but at the same time there's nothing disposable about it. The songs linger in your head after the record plays out...and until you inevitably play it again.
Definitely a band to keep tabs on...know that someone was nice enough to bring them to my attention 11 years after the fact. One day I'll get current...eventually.
Highly recommended.



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mvllet said...

I fucking love these guys, been following them since their moniker was several words longer and I was still a relatively un-jaded, young, nubile teen. Back then they were still playing Botch-esque post-hardcore, a genre that holds a very special place in my heart.

Excited to hear they're creating some new material after so many years of dormancy. Hurry Up and Chill is a real party jam, hoping their new album has some ragers.

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