Thursday, March 19, 2015

Unholy Two - Cut The Music (I'm The Nightstalker) 7"

Label: 12XU
Year: 2012

This band is playing a show with the subject of our previous post, so I found it apropos to submit this record for consideration as well.
The show, by the way, is April 4th in Atlanta. Just, FYI and all.
So Unholy Two, were never in fact a two-piece, but formerly three, and now four. And hey, who knows, maybe by the time you read this they will have had a baby and expanded to five. Never know.
So, this 7" represents the band between their debut album and their most recent one, and finds the band chest deep in noisy aggression. Real nasty type stuff too. The kind of unfriendly music that a band like Twin Stumps plays, or Slices, or the earlier Clockcleaner stuff. Brutish and unwelcome at any white table cloth affair (unless the local mental hospital is having an awards banquet or something...then, maybe).
If you enjoy feedback and misanthropy, this one is going to feel great. If you suffer from epilepsy, maybe hold off on it.


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