Friday, March 6, 2015

Iabhorher - Crowskin b/w Splint 7"

Label: Slap A Ham
Year: 1994

As far as ugly music goes, this one is in the top half of the top 1%. It's such an abominable blast of pure mania. I wore this record out in 1994, just couldn't get enough of their downtuned damage.
The band had Javier Villegas on bass (Born Against, Cattle Press, Kylesa, Capricorns, Our Gang, The Ladybug Transitor [really?!]), Dave Witte on drums (every band ever), and Joey Capizzi on guitar and vocals (Cattle Press). And shit, they got Clive Barker to draw the cover art. Not bad, right?!
This was their only record (thought they do appear on the Cry Now, Cry Later compilation), and then they morphed into Cattle Press, who we have previously covered in this very blog. You should get covered by them.
This is an all time favorite 7" of mine, I can't overstate that enough. When you need something super heavy, and dirty, and fucked up sounding, then you really can't do much better than this.


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