Thursday, March 26, 2015

Arcwelder - Entropy

Label: Touch and Go
Year: 1996

This band just gets better and better with age. Your age of course, not theirs. I mean, the songs are sorta hermetically sealed, but you on the other hand, you're hurtling ever more rapidly towards death. Better get used to it, Bub.
The Husker Du and Naked Raygun and Mission Of Burma comparisons that helped describe their other records hold true here as well, but this time around they delve ever deeper into murky melodic hooks. The noise is crisp and clean, the songs are memorable and fully realized, and the tone continues towards alienation. There was an Atlanta band called Freemasonry back in the early to mid 90s who shared a lot of the same tendencies as Arcwelder, but if you've heard of Freemasonry then you're probably already listening to Arcwelder, huh?
Produced by Bob Weston.


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