Thursday, January 8, 2015

Steven Jesse Bernstein - Prison Deluxe

Label : Sub Pop
Year: 1992

 Steven Jesse Bernstein was an amazing writer, spoken word artist, a poet and a musician as well. If you grew up in the 80's / 90's and were into underground music, chances are you ran across some of his work, or at least heard the track "Come Out Tonight" on the Sub Pop 200 compilation. If you have never heard of him, then here is your chance to treat yourself to some of his work and to hear something unique and wonderful. PRISON is an lp that was released by Sub Pop in 1992 and features his spoken word mixed over music. You may recognize Tad's "Behemoth" slowed down on "Party Ballon" or maybe you may remember hearing snippets of "No No Man" during the opening credits of "Natural Born Killers".

In celebration of the soon to be released to DVD documentary "I Am Secretly An Important Man", I have put together "Prison Deluxe" which features "Prison" in it's entirety but also includes "Come Out Tonight" from Sub 200 and includes "The Sad Bag" cassette that was released in 1990 on Trigger Recordings under the name Jesse Bernstein. A really nice addition which features some of his songs (which remind of early Tom Waits) as well as some spoken word pieces.


I was able to watch the documentary via the Vimeo On Demand website for 4.95. I highly recommend you spend the 4.95 and check it out. Well worth it and it goes straight to the film makers. 


SxPxDxCx said...

Thanks!! Great share. I've never heard anything other than the SUBPOP 200 track.

Anonymous said...

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