Saturday, January 10, 2015


Label : Avalanche
Year : 2014

 Not going to blather on about how much I love GODFLESH, and how excited I was when I found out that they were getting back together after 13 years and putting out a new record. Not going to go on about how badass they were in 1990 when I saw them open for CARCASS. Nope, not gonna type a word about how I still love to crank  SLAVESTATE or STREETCLEANER up to 11 and how this record is just as good as those classic records. 

Yes.. It's the weekend and I'm being a tad lazy. In the middle of watching a shit-ton of oscar screeners while a pot roast is in the oven. In between films I managed to churn out a post for you people. - Slander

1 comment:

Georg Cracked said...

great stuff. Still like that Godflesh-chuggah-chuggah stomp

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