Friday, January 2, 2015

Colossamite - All Lingo's Clamor

Label: Skin Graft
Year: 1998

Believe it or not (Ripleys), I actually keep a running list of things requested on this blog, that I (also, believe it or not) intend on getting around to posting before I die.
This Colossamite ep has been in that hopper since 2008...Two Thousand and EIGHT! Sorry that I've just been sitting on it, know...I'm super important and stuff. And my time is hyper valuable...and all that.
This record rules all over the place, and that makes my tardiness that much more egregious.  It might even be the best Colossamite release...which is saying something! Great, tightly wound ebb and flow of spidery guitar lines over throbbing rhythms, and shouted barks from the maelstrom. Perfect.
Members of Iceburn, Deerhoof, XBXRX, Burmese, The Flying Luttenbachers, Gorge Trio, Sicbay, and Dazzling Killmen.


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Carl Williams said...

Would you please repost this, thank you

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