Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tragic Mulatto - Italians Fall Down And Look up your dress

Year: 1989
Label : Alternative Tentacles

To say Tragic Mulatto were a spectacle to see live, is an understatement. I was lucky enough to see them once, and I was both mesmerized and oddly turned on in the most creeped out kind of way.

The original release of this was a collection of two LP's "Hot Man Pussy" & "Locos por el Sexo".For some reason,  two of the tracks from "Locos..." record were omitted from this collection, I have re-added them at the end). There are some live photo's included in the rar. Be WARNED.. (NSFW),  they are included to show you what TM was all about live.. a complete "FREAKSHOW".. and I loved it.

Anybody have a clue where I could find a good video of one their shows? You tube has much of nothing, and I can only imagine that if the show I saw, was uploaded to Youtube.. it would be pulled down almost as fast as it was uploaded.



Parker said...

Been looking for this for quite some time. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Always knew of the band but never listened. Not totally out of line with the Butthole Surfers. Thanks for the opportunity.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, fine audio quality, fine uploads, Thumbs'up.

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