Friday, December 26, 2014

Sweet Diesel - The Kids Are Dead

Label: Engine
Year: 1995

We've covered Sweet Diesel on a couple different occasions here, which may or may not still be available, I don't know. But we've told you about how mysterious they were to me during their existence because their records were hard to come by but their name popped up everywhere. We've given you their pedigree. We've described how their  sound has one foot in hardcore and the other confidently planted in rock-n-roll. So, we figure it's about time to get this, their first full length, out there.
This one leans more hardcore, albeit hardcore from the Wreck-Age roster of NYHC, so think Die 116, Mind Over Matter, and maybe a bit of Yuppicide. But, it gets a shot of catchy, borderline pop punk a la Garden Variety. Nothing cloying or sing-songy, this is definitely coming at you full throttle, but there are moments of light to accent the dark mood. I really like the way they balance out the catchier stuff with the burlier stuff, it works in a way that seemed kinda normal in the mid-90's, but not so much since then. X nostalgic X.
There's a new band featuring Zach Kurland of Sweet Diesel and Nate Wilson of Devoid Of Faith (among a thousand others) called Green Dragon that's getting into some pretty sweet riff heavy stoner psych. Worth a listen.


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